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"Rudi captures natural phenomena in an elegant, authentic & reverent light. Gracefully translating momentary experiences into timeless & emotive art, he seeks to foster a deeper sense of connection within his viewer - both with the world, and with themself."

Travelling and creating have given me a tricky perspective on life. On the one hand, I feel great awe towards this world. I’m filled with love from the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, and the stories I’ve been a part of. 

However, I also believe that we live in a difficult reality, one that’s filled with much pain, unfairness, and inequality. I have witnessed this both outside of myself, as well as within. How do we come to terms with this? How do we make the world more comfortable for others and ourselves?

I’ve decided to create collections of timeless fine art photography. The objective is to be a part of more conversations and to transform emotion into imagery. My hope is that these images will allow both you and me to explore our outer and inner worlds. 

This is the premise of my first collection, Beyond the Borders, and is why I do what I do.

After transforming my own living space into a little haven for myself, I now also understand the immense value and meaning that art & decor offer us. Turning our spaces into abodes of solace is an incredibly important thing to do in this crazy world, and is what I’d like my art to contribute towards.

May these images introduce emotion, depth and expansion into your heart & home.

– Rudi

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